The Second Analytic Virtual Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop.
Nov. 29-Dec 2, Vienna, Austria, 2011. Co-located with RTSS 2011.

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The goal of the Analytic Virtual Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems (AVICPS) workshop is to explore architecture design patterns, tools and the theoretical analytical foundations for creating common system-wide composition models where key properties can be studied and guarantees provided before the start of actual development. Of particular interest are the case studies on the challenges of expressing the properties of the final product in terms of component properties and the architecture that governs their interactions. Both solutions and/or open problems are welcome.

This workshop focuses on analytical system composition technologies that will eventually include:

  1. System level schedulability optimization technologies that support the combinatory optimization of task allocation, I/O and network traffic routing
  2. A quantitative and early analysis of the system architecture performance in an end-to-end fashion, deriving perhaps even the worst/best/average case behaviour for the entire platform and new hardware abstractions. In fact, existing task/system models reason at levels that are well abstracted away from real details (and variations inherent in) hardware components (e.g. multicores, memory architectures, I/O, network-on-chip, etc.). They also are unable to cope with workloads that are beyond the capabilities of traditional computational resources (e.g. video streams, weather data, GPS, etc.)
  3. Fault tolerance technologies against combined cyber faults and physical system disturbances
  4. Safety analysis such as model checking for mixed criticality CPS applications, for example, flight management systems and/or safe medical devices plug and play (MDPnP)
  5. Security protocol development and verification techniques for CPS applications
  6. Models for describing/quantifying the environments where such systems must operate