The Second Analytic Virtual Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop.
Nov. 29-Dec 2, Vienna, Austria, 2011. Co-located with RTSS 2011.

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08:30 -- 09:00 Coffee
09:00 -- 09:10 Welcome by the Workshop Co-chairs
09:10 -- 10:10

Keynote: Industry Perspectives on Complex System Integration Issues

Dr. David A. Redman, Director of the Aerospace Vehicle Systems Institute (AVSI)

Abstract: The Aerospace industry has encountered as aircraft integration is increasingly dominated by the cost of software as its complexity and size have grown exponentially. In an initiative called System Architecture Virtual Integration (SAVI) the major players in this industry are investigating technical solutions for use in next generation aircraft development. This talk discusses some of the key technical issues they are facing.
Dave Redman is the Director of the Aerospace Vehicle Systems Institute (AVSI), a division of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station and part of the Texas A&M University System. AVSI is a global aerospace industry cooperative focused on addressing common issues through collaboration between industry, government, and academia. Dr. Redman joined AVSI in 2008 and has overseen the expansion of the organization to include European and South American Members, the first commercialization of AVSI technology, and the launch of several significant international projects.

10:10 -- 10:30 Invited Talk: Towards a Symbolic Execution Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
Dr. K.C. Shashidhar, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), Kaiserslautern, Germany
K.C. Shashidhar is a researcher at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) in Kaiserslautern and Saarbruecken, Germany. His current research is focused on the application of formal methods for model-driven engineering of cyber-physical systems, in order to improve their safety and security. Prior to joining MPI-SWS, he held research positions at Fraunhofer IESE, General Motors Research and IMEC. He was a recipient of the Bensoussan Fellowship from ERCIM during the year 2009-10. He received his PhD from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and a Master's from IIT-Delhi, both in Computer Science.
10:30 -- 11:00  Break
11:00 -- 12:30 Session 1
11:00 -- 11:20 FUSED: A Tool Integration Framework for Collaborative System Engineering
Authors: Mark Boddy, Martin Michalowski, August Schwerdfeger, Hazel Shackleton and Steve Vestel (
[Abstract] [Paper]
11:20 -- 11:40   A Design Framework for Model-based Development of Complex Systems
Authors: Hristina Moneva, Roelof Hamberg and Teade Punter (
[Abstract] [Paper]
11:40 -- 12:00   Analytic Virtual Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems & AADL: Challenges, Threats and Opportunities
Authors: Jerome Hugues (
[Abstract] [Paper]
12:00 -- 12:20 From Abstract Component Descriptions to Timed I/O-Interfaces in AUTOSAR
Authors: Stefan Neumann and Sebastian Wätzoldt (
[Abstract] [Paper]
12:30 -- 14:00  lunch
14:00 -- 15:30  Session 2
14:00 -- 14:20 Quantitative Fault Propagation Analysis for Networked Cyber-Physical Systems
Authors: Linda Briesemeister, Grit Denker, Daniel Elenius, Ian Mason, Srivatsan Varadarajan, Brendan Hall, Devesh Bhatt, Gabor Madl and Wilfried Steiner (
[Abstract] [Paper]
14:20 -- 14:40 Integrating Sleep Scheduling and Compressed Sensing in Sensor Networks
Authors: Debojit Dhar and Sathish Gopalakrishnan (
[Abstract] [Paper]
14:40 -- 15:00 Review and Challenges of Assumptions in Software Development
Authors: Md Abdullah Al Mamun and Jörgen Hansson (
[Abstract] [Paper]
15:00 -- 15:20 A Criticality Decomposition Architecture to Integrate Encrypted Sensor Data in the Smart Grid
Authors: Dionisio de Niz and Lutz Wrage (
[Abstract] [Paper]
15:30 -- 16:00 Workshop Ends. Coffee break.
16:00 -- 16:30 RTSS@Work Presentations
16:30 -- 18:00 RTSS@Work Demonstrations and Welcome reception